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Four Valentine’s Day Favorites

Four Valentine's Day Favorites

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us and we just got our Christmas lights up! You know, we try our best to surprise our special someone with something they will really fall in love with. And we, as women, just want something that we can keep for a really long time.

Guys: Don’t go out and get us a grill. We both know the grill is for you. That’s basically a disaster wanting to happen. Get us something fabulous. Something we can use daily and show off. It really makes you look good if you think about it. Let’s focus for a moment. If you got us a gorgeous handbag, then we take it and brag about it to our friends. Then, you’re like the super husband/boyfriend. Makes sense doesn’t it?!

So if you take nothing from this lesson… just remember this: NO GRILLS!

Queen Bee



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