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Chanel Commands at Couture Fashion Week

Couture Fashion Week in Paris has been quite the show so far, but none have stood out as brilliantly as Lagerfeld’s Chanel creations. Headlines were buzzing as Kendall Jenner had yet again landed a coveted spot on the Chanel runway, which is simply a crystal-clear indication of her blossoming presence in the fashion industry. The… Continue reading Chanel Commands at Couture Fashion Week


Model Monday: Liu Wen

My love for the fashion industry and the faces that stroll the seasonal shows has reached a climax with this week’s featured model. This love and affection is also increased by the power and potential of top models, who not too often break barriers and increase the range of diversity by some of the worlds… Continue reading Model Monday: Liu Wen


Kendall Jenner Lands Vogue Paris!

Kim and Kanye aren’t the only one’s in the spotlight this week. We admit the slow release of their wedding photos is an excellent PR move. There’s nothing like bursting anticipation from fans, but in their defense, they have every right to their privacy and time to enjoy the intimacy of their nuptials. But while… Continue reading Kendall Jenner Lands Vogue Paris!


Model Monday: Coco Rocha

When it comes to the modern day supermodel there is no one with a presence like Coco Rocha. She is the epitome of a supermodel– charming, sophisticated, poised, elegant, but most of all, a true individual. Her discovery is also a rather one-of-a-kind incident after being spotted and approached at an Irish Dance Competition by… Continue reading Model Monday: Coco Rocha


Model Monday: Lindsey Wixson

Ok. Maybe I’m a bit obsessed…but do you remember that designer pronunciation video I featured a while back? You can check it out here in case you missed it. So far, I have already featured one other model, the stunning Sudanese-American Grace Bol, from that video. In case you missed that post, check it out here.… Continue reading Model Monday: Lindsey Wixson


McDouble-Take: Moschino Delivers Fast Fashion

Sure, fashion week has come and gone since February and I might be a tad late reporting this, but what’s that old saying? Better late than never? Moschino has created quite the hype lately since debuting their rather odd, but super successful, Fall/Winter 2014 line. Designer Jeremy Scott unveiled a McDonald’s inspired collection described by… Continue reading McDouble-Take: Moschino Delivers Fast Fashion


Model Monday: Grace Bol

Diversity is important to us here at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills and thankfully fashion and designers alike have all become much more open about the models they represent and feature. Personally, I like writing about models because it helps me stay knowledgeable about who is within the world of fashion but I mostly enjoy… Continue reading Model Monday: Grace Bol