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First Look: Saint Laurent Sac du Jour Bags, Saint Laurent ‘YSL’ Monogram Croc Evening Bag and more with Queen Bee of Beverly Hills.

Saint Laurent can best be described in two words: Absolutely Revolutionary. Referring to the handbags and accessories alone, the classic appeal and manifestation from quality materials have traveled the world on the crooks of women’s arms, the shoulders of men, and the on the hearts of all who appreciate the little luxuries in life. If you have yet to own a Saint Laurent bag, now is the time.

Investing in a designer bag has it’s perks, so don’t fret darling. It’s yours for a lifetime, and it only gets better with age. That’s something many have yet to even whisper.

How do you know if Saint Laurent is for you?

1. You can class it up without spilling designer logos everywhere.

2. You want an everyday, and a one of a kind handbag (all at once).

3. Quality should have been your first and middle name.

4. You deserve it.

5. You deserve it, and you want it.

6. Your current handbag is…. just not.

7. It’s your lucky day.

Okay, so maybe we don’t necessarily need something amazing – but don’t deny the want of something amazing. The luxury of life is living it.


Retail $3,200, Here $2,200

Saint Laurent Sac du Jour Bag



Retail $1,495, Here $995

Saint Laurent YSL Monogram Evening Bag

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