Iconic YSL Arty Rings Discontinued: Available to Purchase for Limited Time!

Shop the iconic Yves Saint Laurent ‘YSL’ Arty Oval Rings at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills.

Throughout the years, Saint Laurent has created some of the most iconic luxury products in the market – such as the Roady and Muse bag. Another one of their prized iconic product is the YSL Arty Oval rings with unique glass gems and detailed ring bands.

Now discontinued, Queen Bee of Beverly Hills bought all that we could access from Saint Laurent and as soon as they came into the door, I absolutely fell in love! From the beautiful colors to the sassy fit and look of the rings, having a one-of-a-kind YSL Arty ring is a necessary must-have.

You can get yours here at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills over 50% off of the retail price of $795!

Click here for new arrivals, or click-the-pic to purchase your favorite ring below!


Photo Credit: T-Styled Me

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