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10 Best Designer Handbag Steals for Feburary 2016


As the first month of the new 2016 years comes to a closing, we’re now able to finally breath from the holiday chaos – which means we now get to stock our own stockings (which we call closets) with the best steals in the designer handbag world. 10 Best Designer Handbag Steals for Feburary 2016

Let the list begin!

1.  Prada Handbag Tessuto Impuntu Nylon and  Leather Chain Crossbody Shoulder Bag BP0584 : This bag is perfect for those who like to mix convenience with classy. This quilted nylon bag with the adjustable and removable 21” chain crossbody / shoulder strap is available at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills for $1,100, on sale from $1,250.

Prada Pattina Chain Crossbody Handbag Pink BP0584Get the Bag Button

2.  Hermes Jypsiere 28 Unisex Shoulder Bag in Izmir Blue Taurillion Clemence Leather:  This classic ‘on the go’ piece from Hermes, though the $8,500 price tag may be a touch on the wild side, is a handbag you’ll have forever. The adjustable crossbody / shoulder strap gives you the option you need, at the quality you want.

Hermes Jypsiere Unisex Shoulder Bag
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3. Balenciaga Holiday Collection Classic Metallic Edge City Handbag in Taupe: Balenciaga sure does know how to make a handbag that fits for the luxury lovers of the world. This Holiday Collection piece is a settle, yet stand-out, handbag that will forever have a place in the crook of your arm. This bag is available at Balenciaga for $2,125.
Balenciaga Holiday Collection Classic Metallic Edge City Taupe
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4. Yves Saint Laurent YSL Belle du Jour Metallic Leather Clutch Handbag: Since the drastic change of ‘Yves Saint Laurent’ to just ‘Saint Laurent,’ designer handbag collectors from all over the globe have fought (some literally) for the original YSL pieces. Queen Bee of Beverly Hills has this gorgeous mirror, gold  metallic leather Yves Saint Laurent ‘YSL’ Belle du Jour clutch bag for only $995, down from the $1,600 original price. Don’t be the loser of the fight, you need this clutch.
Yves Saint Laurent Belle Du Jour Gold Metallic Leather Clutch Bag
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5. Gucci New Jackie Handbag Rose Pink Leather Shoulder Bag: While Spring is only a short time away, Gucci’s New Jackie Handbag at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills is available in various color and materials. Not only can you go from a hobo to a crossbody / shoulder bag with the removable and adjustable strap, but you’ll have a statement piece that be the completion of your awesome attire. This designer handbag is on sale for $1,495 from the retail price of $2,200 – that’s over 30% off! But wait, use code QB10 at checkout to receive an additional 10% off (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you).

Gucci New Jackie Handag Pink Rose LEather Shoulder Bag 277520
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6. Fendi Trois Jour Petite Painted Python Leather Tote Handbag: Everyone needs a python leather Fendi handbag. Pre-Order this beauty now at Neiman Marcus for $6,600.
Fendi Trois-Jour Petite Painted Python Tote Bag
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7. Gucci Lady Lock Handbag Baby Python Leather Top Handle Bag: Okay, I’m guessing you see the trend that’s going on here. Python leather is a thing – a wonderful, beautiful thing. This Gucci ‘Lady Lock Collection’ handbag in baby python leather is must-have. If you want to walk in to your workplace with the ‘the Queen has arrived’ demeanor, you NEED this piece. Oh, to make it a little sweeter, the inside lining in plum red suede. This bag is available at almost 40% off the retail price at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills. Get the steal for only $2,190.
Gucci Lady Lock Handbag Python Leather Top Handle Bag
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8. Saint Laurent 6 Hour Duffle Handbag Soft Calf Leather Top Handle Bag with Shoulder Strap: Some may see ‘that color is too bold’ while designer handbag enthusiasts see ‘that color is an emblem of royalty’ – as you are, darling. Don’t lose the deal of a lifetime. This bag is also available at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills for the price $1,795 (retails for $2,200).
Saint Laurent 6 Hour Duffle Top Handle Handbag
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9. Yves Saint Laurent ‘YSL’ Muse Handbag Leather Dome Top Handle Bag in Taupe Grey (Large Muse): Remember when I said the fight was on for the original ‘YSL’? Yes, that’s really a thing – but I don’t have to tell you that; you know luxury when you see it. This icon Yves Saint Laurent Muse has made it’s rounds in the media – featuring celebrities that couldn’t resist the desire for a classic of their own. You can buy this handbag at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills for $1,795, from the retail price of $2,200.
Yves Saint Laurent YSL Muse Handbag
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10. Versace Pearl Leather Shoulder Handbag in Olive: Lastly, we can’t forget Versace. This collection piece is practical for the ‘every day I’m hustling and bustling’ woman. You know, the women that don’t have the time to change bags every day, but needs a quality, neutral piece to complete the outfit. You can purchase this bag at Neiman Marcus on sale $967, down from $1,290.
Versace Pearl Leather Shoulder Bag Olive at Neiman Marcus
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