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North West v. Saint West: Designer Handbag Style

Being an older sibling myself, I know how it feels to get debunked from the center of attention. North West, big sister of Saint West and daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye, is finally feeling the pain (and slight joy) of another human taking up her personal space. It all goes downhill from here – until you’re practically grown, and possibly not.

 North West on eOnline

So now that protruding question is, which designer bag should little North get since the demise of her throne? Or is that still a thing? Sure it is.

Of course, North West probably has a few luxury designer bags already awaiting for her growth in her gold, glittery heaven like closet (assumption only), but you and I know that a girl can never have *too many* designer bags.

 North West on Life & Style Magazine

North West’s adorable rocker chic style actually makes me kind of happy. It makes me want to say, “Awwwww. North West is a little rocker chic baby!” I do try my very hardest to restrain from saying that aloud, though. However, it is true.

Now let’s get to the designer bags part.

I would only image North West carrying Italian brands like Saint Laurent, PradaGucci, Balanciaga, or Hermes. Okay, I might have had a little fun with Photoshop with this highly informative blog post. Stay tuned… 3… 2… 1..

North West carrying Gucci Bamboo Top Handle Handbag


North West Carrying Gucci New Jackie Suede Handbag
North West Carrying Gucci New Jackie Suede Handbag

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Disclaimer: These photos do not belong to Queen Bee of Beverly Hills.


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