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Lady Gaga’s Fierce Designer Bag Collection

Lady Gaga can’t help but to be fierce. All the time. She was recently the face for Versace featuring four of their newest additions to the Versace handbag family – along with some stunning pumps! 


lady gaga versace handbags


Lady Gaga, the queen of fabulous, also struts around with a DIY studded Hermes Birkin. And yes, to be clear, the spikes were probably added by the queen herself. Glue gun anybody?


 Lady Gaga Hermes


lady gaga birkin bag


Then we have the wig – which I call the ‘Yonce wig, like Austin Powers kind of Beyonce. If anyone, Lady Gaga certainly can pull it off. And do you not see the Kelly? I mean, it does look like it’s been through a few things, but it’s still a Kelly. 


lady gaga kelly handbag

I mean, if you think about it, designer handbags are a luxury yet an investment. They add style to any look regardless if you’re going casual or fancy. Personally, my favorite brands are Hermes (of course), Prada, and Balenciaga mainly because they are so beautifully crafted – but also because they just make me feel good. Almost like how you finally make it home after a look day of work. Designer bags are the “take off your shoes as soon as you walk in your house” kind of thing. It means everything.

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