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Chanel Commands at Couture Fashion Week

Couture Fashion Week in Paris has been quite the show so far, but none have stood out as brilliantly as Lagerfeld’s Chanel creations. Headlines were buzzing as Kendall Jenner had yet again landed a coveted spot on the Chanel runway, which is simply a crystal-clear indication of her blossoming presence in the fashion industry.

The excitement surrounding a Chanel fashion show centers around more than a particular model, however, but in anticipation of Lagerfeld’s brilliant mode of expression. Many sat around wondering if this would be a literal interpretation, a grand affair, or an abstract statement. Surprisingly enough, the show itself was stunning and simple in contrast to the intricate couture pieces. Intense embellishments were coupled with spiky hair (an illusion achieved by pushing the ponytail forward and styling with precision and finesse) and heelless shoes. Trends emerged as shorts or pants became necessary accents beneath dresses giving a complimenting twist on today’s layered look. Palettes hardly contrasted one another, offering a clean and unified ensemble, while other outfits dared to express in a feathery flourish. The show ultimately culminated with a wedding gown worn by model Ashleigh Good; however, the dress itself is suited to fit a pregnant bride. Good herself is pregnant and was escorted by Lagerfeld before receiving a small peck of appreciation from the mother-to-be.

Check out some of our favorite looks down below, including saucy Kendall Jenner, and let us know what you think of the collection. Then head on over to Queen Bee of Beverly Hills and start your very own designer collection if you haven’t already!


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