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Five Essentials Items for Every Purse

I hope everyone had an excellent Independence Day weekend! Now that Monday is alive and well (it’s ok if you’re still recovering from the weekend– we are too) I couldn’t help but notice how scattered my things were this morning as I scrambled to get ready for my day. If it wasn’t my phone charger that was missing, it was surely my wallet, or some other vital tool that carries me forward into the evening. These items seem to be permanently on my mental checklist as I walk out the door and a few of them have been absolute life savers in times of crisis.

So here’s a checklist of the top five items that should be in everyone’s handbag whenever leaving the house. These may sound simple but they’re sure to staple you up should you find yourself coming undone at any point during your day.

1. Your phone charger

I know– DUH! In today’s teched out world this is perhaps a huge no brainer, but how often do you come across someone in your day who needs to borrow your iPhone charger?

“Oh wait…you have the 4? Sorry, I have the 5.”

This is especially crucial to have while traveling. I learned this the absolute hard way recently when I went overseas. Airports can be a nightmare if they are not up to date with plugs or USB ports galore. Which leads me to my next recommendation…

2. A portable battery charger

I received one of these for Christmas and it has been an absolute life saver. These little battery packs require a charge in order to work but when properly planned out you’ll never have to stress over finding an outlet again. The majority of charger cables and cords are USB cables that can easily slide into any number of ports or chargers which makes this a truly universal gadget. Whether you’re in a long line or stranded by the road, this inexpensive tool can and will save you at one point or another when you need an extra bit of juice.

3. Over-the-counter pain killers

Whether it’s aspirin, Advil, Tylenol, or something that has been prescribed to you this is something you should always have on hand. For women, migraines and headaches can be all too frequent and especially annoying when trying to get through that morning meeting or that afternoon conference call. If anything, you can help out a friend if he or she is suffering from any kind of minor aches or pains and that just cashes in some good karma. Who doesn’t want that?

4. Headphones

This should easily apply to the majority of our readers. With the world as portable as it is, sometimes you just need to shut yourself off from it and relax in your own way. Whether it’s an old album, a suspenseful audio book, or a passionate podcast if anything is going to take your mind off that mundane commute it’s going to be sound. 

5. Pens

Yes. Plural. Because they enjoy disappearing on you or deciding they want to stop working. Save yourself the frustration and always be ready to give a great autograph or your number to the one that caught your eye.

Did we miss something crucial? Let us know in the comments below! Still looking for that extra special handbag for summer? Head on over to Queen Bee of Beverly Hills and check out our great selection of designer handbags and accessories at prices you’ll love!


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