May is for Messenger Bags!

If you’re looking for something stylish and functional this summer then we recommend the classic urban icon known as the messenger bag. These versatile bags have been around for ages (literally!) and were commonly used by…well, messengers, before they became a hot alternative to traditional purses and began making a fashion statement. 

Sometimes you just need more room for bulkier, heavier, items and the messenger bag guarantees you comfort while you whiz around town getting stuff done. Other times, you just want something small and convenient to tote around without having to worry about carrying anything. From strap adjustments to more weather resistant material, there is bound to be a bag that is right for you.

Check out our recommendations below and feel free to head on over to our website here and check out our selection!

This Gucci Black Nylon messenger bag is perfect for the professional looking for a chic compartment to store their latest gadgets in. Laptops, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets are all covered and guaranteed luxury comfort for pricey possessions.

Our Prada Tessuto Crossbody is perfect for any practical person who wants something light and easy to transport their stuff in. The elegance of black can be best combined with either casual or formal and guarantees versatility.

Our Gucci Diamante Messenger Bag in brown is great for anyone who wants to make a bold statement. The juxtaposed patterns and touchable textures are sure to get you complimenting messages of your very own. Don’t forget to tell them about Queen Bee of Beverly Hills when they do!

What did you think of our personal picks? Leave us a comment!


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