McDouble-Take: Moschino Delivers Fast Fashion

Sure, fashion week has come and gone since February and I might be a tad late reporting this, but what’s that old saying? Better late than never?

Moschino has created quite the hype lately since debuting their rather odd, but super successful, Fall/Winter 2014 line. Designer Jeremy Scott unveiled a McDonald’s inspired collection described by Tim Blank of as “a mutant hybrid of Ronald McDonald and Coco Chanel.” Several pieces sold out within weeks and have even been spotted on celebrities like Katy Perry. Even I have to admit that the play on the popular fast-food chain has a tasty kick to it. Ironic fashion pieces were thought to be on the way out but clearly some obvious ingenuity is all it takes to order up a new opinion. Check out the collection below and let us know what you think. Would you wear any of these pieces?



Over twenty billion served? I cannot wait to be next in line. The ketchup red is satiating my stylish appetite.


Look at those sunglasses! I’m loving the heart shape shades with the outlining kick of mustard yellow. Need a pair of sunglasses for spring? Check out a previous post surveying the latest shades for spring here or head on over to our website Queen Bee of Beverly Hills and check out our collection of sunglasses and handbags.


This bag deserves to be served on a platter. It is just too delicious and very reminiscent of the iconic quilted Chanel chain handbags. Check out our similar Red Prada Tessuto Quilted Handbag and let us know what you think!


Do you think Katy Perry delivers an appetizing look? Hungry for more Moschino? Head on over to Queen Bee and check out our Moschino collection here.



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