Model Monday: Grace Bol

Diversity is important to us here at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills and thankfully fashion and designers alike have all become much more open about the models they represent and feature. Personally, I like writing about models because it helps me stay knowledgeable about who is within the world of fashion but I mostly enjoy seeing the exotic variety that life offers in the human form. Recently I dedicated a post to I-D magazines “A-Z of pronunciation” video (if you missed it check out the post here) and I was particularly struck by one model in particular.  Sudanese-American beauty Grace Bol educated this author on the proper pronunciation of Balmain (bal-mahn) and Hermès (air-mez) while remaining stunning and charming with only a matter of seconds. With her smooth onyx complexion and dazzling facial features I became elated over discovering a new model to indulge in and the research delivered to my expectations!

Grace Bol was born in Sudan, Africa, and primarily spent a large time growing up around her grandmother before moving to Kansas City, Missouri at a very young age. Throughout her younger years she focused on sports and other athletic activities but many saw her potential as a model, often encouraging her to pursue the profession. Bol, however, was not as open to the idea as others were but eventually entered an open casting call at a mall for a local agency. Undeniably, Bol was selected among thousands of other girls but was ultimately dropped by the agency because her look was too “high fashion” for them and urged her to pursue a career in New York. What a way to be dismissed by an agency, huh?

Bol made her debut in Fall 2011’s New York Fashion Week walking for legendary designer Givenchy and Vivienne Westwood, and was a contender for a spot in Givenchy’s campaign. Bol is now currently represented by 5 different agencies in London, Paris, Milan, and New York. She is clearly a stunning human being in both the physical and spiritual forms because she is unafraid of posing nude and is primarily focused on providing relief work for her home country of Sudan.

Check out some of her work below and let us know what you think. Do you have a suggestion for our next Model Monday– be sure to leave us a comment and we just might feature them!


Bol featured in Kenzo’s Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook. I would love to see her in this outfit with our Prada Quilted Chain Handbag.


Bol walking for Thom Browne during February 2014 New York Fashion Week. 


Recently featured in Vogue’s Let’s Get Physical campaign. Doesn’t she make you want to break a sweat?


Perfect in pastels for Marie Claire. Our Pink Fendi Wristlet would go great with either outfit. What do you think?


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