Foreign Fashion: Secrets and Tips From the French

Let’s face it– when it comes to style the French know what they are doing. The iconic beret sashayed into women’s closets at an alarming rate in the mid-20th century and for a good reason. It’s empowering symbolic capabilities projected visions of intellectualism, individuality, and innovation as images like artists, film directors, and hipsters became proudly associated with the piece. One cannot help but associate the beret with anything other than bohemian.

I recently came across an excellent article on Yahoo (full article here) titled, “12 fashion secrets from French Women” and I have plucked out the top five tips for your convenience. 

1. Nose up at trends and stick with a signature style

This is very important to your success as an individual. It takes confidence to eschew the latest trends and fads while sticking to your own signature look. Always remember, everyone is wearing that look of the moment but only you are wearing your own self-made style. Oscar Wilde nailed it when he said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Now, that is not to say you cannot accent your style with something trendy but it is crucial to stick to a unique aesthetic. You have the potential to save a lot of money because fashion is fickle, one day you’re in and the next you’re out. Only true style is timeless but most importantly it is organic.

2. Fit is everything

The way your clothes fit can make or break you. This goes back to the trend issue previously mentioned. I recall the rise of super skinny denim, even now it is still quite trendy with fits getting even tighter, and how this boom in form fitting jeans backfired on so many people simply because their bodies were not being flattered by such a tight fit. You want to accentuate your body and the only way to do that is to know and appreciate your body. Trust me, when you learn to play up your strengths you become an invincible icon. Not everyone can afford all of their clothes to be tailored to a T but it is a skill that can pay you back in spades. Regardless, take your time when you shop and be sure to try everything on before you buy it!

3. A neutral palette is your BFF 

French women are notorious for sticking to more muted colors like brown, black, or white and they accessorize their style with eye-popping colors. This dramatic contrast gets you noticed because it pulls all of your accessories to the forefront. Your outfit is the backdrop and sets the scene for your jewels and handbags to be instantly noticed. Below is our Fendi Metallic Gold Chain Clutch. Don’t you think it would go great with a little black dress? Let us know how you would style it!



4. Shopping is an investment

If you are a fashion lover like we are at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, then you have no qualms paying more for a quality piece. With retailers today like Forever 21 and H&M offering the market fast-fashion at affordable rates it is hard to miss the scam at hand. Think about it. You endlessly keep paying for garments and pieces that last you for only a few wears when you can easily invest in a high-end quality product that will last you practically a lifetime. Save up for those luxury pieces and enjoy the thrill of the purchase! Here at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills we love to give you designer goods at a reduced rate so we can help you get to those purchases faster.

5. Only dress to impress yourself

This really goes back to tip number one but it is just so important. When you satisfy yourself instead of others you’ll open up a floodgate of confidence you never even knew existed. Best of all, it will show when you strut down the street and could even inspire those around you. Who doesn’t want to be a fashion inspiration? The only way of achieving that is by pleasing yourself with your appearance. Sure, someone might think what you are wearing is either tacky or gaudy, but for you its an outward manifestation and expression of your inner essence. Own it and never apologize for being intimately personal with your style.

Do you have a tip for our readers? Comment below and let us know. We might even feature the best tips in an upcoming article!


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