Check This Out: Breathtaking Burberry Bags

Perhaps one of the most versatile and unique pattern in fashion is the check pattern. Think about it. How often have you seen a check pattern in your day-to-day life? From leggings to tops to dresses to flip flops this pattern can be placed on anything and anyone. 

Here at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills we host a lovely selection of Burberry bags that fashion their signature club check pattern. Did you know that the signature Burberry check pattern was actually created in the 1920’s as the lining of their signature trench coat? Even more interesting, in 1914 the War Office commissioned Burberry to adapt its officer’s coat to suit contemporary warfare, resulting in the “trench coat” which then later became popular with civilians after the war.

Check out the Burberry bags below and let us know what you think, then come and check out with us and enjoy getting checked out tomorrow!




Above is the stunning Military Red Burberry Haymarket Panel Small Blaze Tote.

Below is the beautiful Nova Check Boston.



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