The Boston Beauty: Gucci Handbags for Women

Gucci bags have been around for a while now (founded in 1921) and women have loved this designer brand ever since. Gucci has this one particular bag that I go head over heels for – every time. I present to you (da da da dummm – that is drums by the way)… the Gucci Boston, or as I like to call her “The Boston Beauty.” She’s eight and a half inches tall and soft to the touch.

Image literally fell in love – not like real the “let me get gushy” kind of love, but an “ah, I have so got to buy this Gucci bag” type of love. I take this bag everywhere. This bag has been to the beach, to Target, to parks, to restaurants, to department stores, to… okay, you probably have the point. But really, she’s like my sidekick. She’s even kind of like a best friend. But one main difference between a darling best friend and this gorgeous Gucci Boston is that a best friend can drink wine with you, and the only way that is going to happen with this designer handbag is if you spill wine on it (which is something that I accidentally done – but, due to it’s shiny original Gucci imprimé texture, the wine just rolls off. No damage done.)

Anyway, if you are a designer handbag hoarder (like I), then this “Boston Beauty” is definitely a handbag to consider adding to your collection.

 I would rate this handbag 4 stars.

 Want to know where to get this authentic handbag? Click the link:

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