7 Reasons to Love your Designer Messenger Bag!

messenger bag is a big YES in the designer world. They are stylish AND practical. What more could a fashionista want in life? Really though, they are perfect for having the world in your designer bag without even having to carry it. We all know the feeling of having so much stuff in your bag that your shoulder has a dent in and and when we walk, we sway a little to the right. But with a messenger bag, we are just as fearless as Beyonce on stage! Here are a few reasons why messenger bags are a big hit this summer.



  1. Obvious reason – we don’t actually have to carry it around. It kind of, in a way, carries itself.
  2. They are cute. Yes. Cute is definitely a reason!
  3. Most of them are NOT that expensive. 
  4. No more red shoulder!
  5. You can dance, hold a drink in your hand, and STILL not lose your wallet. 
  6. They are efficient.
  7. You mom would approve.

Designer Messenger Bags at Queen Bee



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