The History of the Hermés Kelly Handbag


First introduced in 1935, the Hermés Kelly bag was a designer handbag icon that was handcrafted out of authentic alligator skin.  The Hermés Kelly bag was the “Rolls-Royce” of handbags and is still easily recognizable and incredibly desirable.  It got its name from the famous photo on the cover of Time magazine in 1956 where Grace Kelly with her husband, Prince Rainer of Monaco, covering her pregnant belly with the classic Hermés bag from the paparazzi. From there on the designer bag was known as the Kelly and is still a best seller today.




In fact, only sixty Hermés Kelly bags are produced each season, so there was a long waiting list, at least three years!  Costing $4,000, it surly makes up for its worth with the 2,600 hand stitches, signature flap closure with an engraved gold buckle, and four gold feet on which the bag stands in order to prevent the skin from the bottom of the bag from wearing out.



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