Designer Handbags: Luxury Brands to Wed

What are the 3 Luxury Brands (pertaining to designer handbags, of course) to love forever and always?

I have the answer ladies! Yves Saint Laurent, or technically “Saint Laurent” now


Saint Laurent is one of a kind. It’s the hush to all puppies if you know what I mean. Their brand is revolved around class and spunk. And if you thought that class and spunk could never be associated, think again my friends! Seriously, I have so many designer handbags and YSL will always be my number one man… or lady… You know, whatever rocks your boat.




#2- Gucci


Who on this beautiful earth could ever go wrong with Gucci? Nobody. It’s a brand of style and luxury. You hear me? It’s the good stuff. The kind of brand you just want to hold in your pocket and take it out occasionally to rub for good luck.




 #3- Prada


Prada, Prada, Prada… Oh, how I love you so much. Prada is one of those luxury brands that just give you the chills. The good kind of chill, of course. Prada… it even sounds good coming out as a word. If I had to describe this luxury brand in one word…. I’d use: Fabulous.




What would the 4th luxury brand to love be? FENDI!



Find your favorite brand at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills!


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