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Authentic Designer Handbags–5 Reasons Why They Are Worth It


When it comes to the cost of designer handbags, one woman’s splurge, may be considered another woman’s insanity. True collectors and lovers of the designer bag, will argue that they are an investment, to be treasured like fine jewelry and artwork. In this post we will reveal 5 extremely well-crafted reasons why the is worth every penny.

  1. Handbags are a statement piece. It is usually the first thing someone notices about your outfit, and it can say so much about you, before you even say a word.
  2. It is a keeper. Designer handbags are a true investment. They are meant to be worn, loved and (if stored properly and cared for), past down from one generation of style icons to the next. The best handbags are those with a patina that can only come from years of wear.
  3. They hold their value. For example, collectors will pay big bucks for the creations of the late Yves Saint Laurent. It is not uncommon for handbags to actually increase in value. Especially when a certain style has been retired, or the head designer is deceased or moves to another fashion house. One of my favorite shops for authentic pre-owned luxury is Yoogi’s Closet.
  4. Fakes are not an option. The counterfeit business linked to — child labor, drug trafficking, and even terrorism.” Also, if it’s a fake, it probably is cheaply made using low quality materials, and will look – fake. Even if the forgery is a mirror image, your pleasure will undoubtedly be marred by the knowledge that it is a fake.
  5. You are worth it.

Read more about why one should never consider purchasing a fake designer handbag at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills.

Authenticity Guaranteed Shadow

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