We are Loving Bold Color!

Prada Tessuto 


YSL Belle de Jour

YSL Belle du Jour Wristlet

Right now, we’re adoring BOLD colors! Every lady has her playful moments. Whether you’re at a park, the mall, on a date, at a party… the occasions are endless. We’d all like to be noticed every now and then. A bright pop of color will get you noticed from far, far away! Let a bold bag speak for itself whether you’re walking along a busy street or into work. Carry these bold options, like the YSL Belle du Jour Wristlet with a little black dress in the evening, or a white summer dress on a Sunday afternoon. If you love a bright pink, you’ll love this Prada Tessuto handbag in the photo above! Seriously, you’ll love it. Simplicity is the key. Find these bright handbags and more at discounted prices at


If you have any questions about these items or any of our product give us a call at (213) 985-2597. We’ll be happy to answer any questions!


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