What to buy for mom: Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2013

What to buy for mom….” a thought that is now clouding our minds as we speak. This “freak out” pretty much happens to the best of us every… single… year….


AND, on top of the hesitation regarding what to get the woman who gave us life, we are in a hostile competition with our siblings because we always want our gift to out shine theirs. It’s no secret. So basically, we want your gift to be the best gift and we put together a complimentary gift guide for the occasion. We are such sweet hearts, right?


For the “I love pink and fabulousness” moms, we suggest Prada. Not just any Prada though, but the classiest of all Prada: The Prada Nylon Tessuto is not only a fabulous gift, but it’s a practical love of moms. It’s not bulky, it’s not the size of a suitcase, and they come in gorgeous colors. Really, these beauties are a must!

Prada Quilted Handbag

Prada Nylon Tessuto




For the “I love studs and you can’t stop me” moms, we suggest the new Gucci Guccissima Babouska. One word: DARING! I promise you, this bag is one hot babe!



Gucci Guccissima Babouska


For the “darling, just give me Gucci” moms, I would suggest something classic. Like, a Gucci Boston or a Gucci Sukey. Eithe way, you’re mom will whisper that you’re her favorite! 


Gucci handbags

Top: Gucci Silver Boston, Bottom: Gucci Multicolored Boston



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