What is Love?

So many people want to know…. what exactly is LOVE? Which, by the way, is an extremely valid question. No, really.. it is. I can tell you what love is.

Love is having your hubby carry all of your shopping bags while the only thing you have to hold is your handbag that is tucked into your elbow crease. Love is sobbing hysterically while watching a chick flick and your dog comes and lays their head on your lap. Love is patient. Love is sharing your last bite of food. Love is also giving your kids the Oreos you’ve been hiding in “mommy’s secret hiding spot.” Love is reading a good book and not being able to stop tears from rolling down your cheeks. Love is watching your kid drop your laptop on a concrete floor (in slow motion) and just telling them not to cry because it’s okay that they’ve dropped a one thousand dollar computer into three thousand pieces. Love is unique. Love is going on a road trip and falling asleep in the passenger side of the car while the driver is left to fend on their own. Love is finding money in Target and seeing some older lady looking down each isle for it and then giving it back to her. Love is buying two Gucci handbags… one for yourself and the other for your sister who always asks for yours. Love is lending your most favored pen in the whole wide world to your best friend knowing that you will never see that pen again. Love is beautiful. It is magical. It’s love. You know?


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