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What is a handbag??

Fendi Zucca Pastello Chain Clutch

handbag is something remarkable. It’s chic. It’s fabulous. It’s serves as an individual fashion statement for it’s carrier.


handbag gives us that little boost we need everyday, you know? I can remember one day getting ready to run a few errands; I remembered getting into the car; I can remember driving to the store…. WITHOUT MY HANDBAG. I almost lost my mind. It’s not like I could call anyone or let alone continue with my grocery trip because my whole life lives in my handbag. My lipstick, my debit and credit cards, my phone, my money, my pens, my hair ties, my mirror, my gum, my Tylenol,… pretty much everything and nothing was available to me simply because my handbag was not by my side. Here’s a question to ponder on: What would we do with our trusty partners in crime? Where would we put ALL of our stuff? Where would we put our healthy protein bars and our three packs on M&M’s?


 It would be a disaster.



Queen Bee



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