Gucci Sunset tote: Love of the lovely!


Good afternoon Ladies and Gents!


I have something fabulous to share! And yes, it’s Gucci!


I introduce to you… the Sunset Tote! I really can’t take my eyes off of it! As soon as it came into the office I was just like, “Ahhhhhhhhhh, I love it!” I mean truly, it’s one gorgeous handbag! You can practically use it for everything. An everyday bag, a beach bag, a travel bag, a diaper bag, a “overnight” bag, a “I’m going to make you all jealous” bag… you know, the whole nine yards. It’s so bright and cheerful, too (and we all need a little positive energy in life, right?). I can’t tell you how much this bag reminds me of paradise. Well, yes I can. It’s everything fabulous, but I know you’re tired of me blabbing on about this tote. So, I’ll end it with this small (but yet very important) note… WE ALL NEED A SUNSET TOTE!



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