Broken Heart? Here’s the Easy Fix!


We’ve all experienced a broken heart, even if it was in the 2nd grade when you found out that your crush liked the girl you sat by in lunch! It sucks, right? In today’s society, it sucks even more because now we have to see our ex’s “happiness” conveniently posted on every social networking site known to man (or woman). But ladies, we have all been given the “honey there are plenty more fish in the sea” speech…. and it’s completely TRUE! If he breaks your heart, he never deserved you. Yes, we know it still hurts. Here’s a few pointers to head you into the right direction!


1. Leave the ice-cream be: That’s correct! Instead, have a drink (or three)… in a bar… with some friends…. where there are men. Just saying!


2. Get fabulous: Put on your highest heels and your most “feel good” outfit and get out of the house. You can even go grocery shopping in it if you want. Hey, if you look fabulous, you feel fabulous.


3. Buy something: ANYTHING! Shoes, clothes, a handbagdesigner accessories, a TV  new underwear, a new couch, a case of water… just anything. It’ll make your appreciate the “NEW” things in life. Hints- out with the old, in with the new!


4. Delete, delete, delete: Don’t keep any old text messages from Mr. Stupid… or voice mails  or photos, or even missed calls. It’ll save you a lot of tears. 


Just use this time to love you! It’ll be okay, we promise!

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