YSL Belle du Jour Wristlet: Say Yes!

Hello, Friday!

It feels like just yesterday that we were dreading the fact that it was Monday. Now it’s the weekend, and we all know what that means…. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL! 


Some of us have a few parties in mind, and I have the perfect wristlet that will rock your world! No, really. The YSL Belle Du Jour Wristlet is the perfect addition to risque outfit you have in mind. It never hurt to be a tad bit sexy, right? These authentic beauties have been a favorite of mine for a while no, especially when I’m going for a night out. It’s a lot easier to carry around a wristlet rather than a huge handbag weighing down your shoulders all night! 

If you’re not really fond of the black wristlet, we have plenty more in different colors- red, turquoise (a big seller), brown, navy blue… we have you covered! –Queen Bee


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