Season Change Checklist: Summer Edition!

Summer is clearly approaching. Like, I can already smell the aloe I’m going to have to cake on my sunburned shoulders.  But hey, I ‘m pretty ecstatic about it. You know, the cold weather just has a way of drying out any moister we’ve ever locked in our precious skin. It basically snatches it away like a parents snatch away cookies from their kids two hours before dinner. Now would be a great time to start the preparation for the upcoming humidity filled celebration- SUMMER! 

Here’s a few starters:

1. Bring out the brights! Yes, you need to go through that box of summer clothes that’s under all of the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations boxes. Trust me, it’s worth the “once a year” struggle.
2. Think winter. Around this time all of the “wrap me up and keep me warm” clothes and accessories are on sale. I’m not talking a few bucks off either. I’m talking about major deals. 
3. Bring in the newbies. By yourself a few things to get a good start. You deserve it! Sunglasses, bright wallets, a summer handbag, and a nice travel bag is a few goodies for any planned or spontaneous trips in the near future. 
4. Say cheese! Last, but not least, SMILE! It’s great for your overall health.



2 thoughts on “Season Change Checklist: Summer Edition!

  1. SUMMMMMMMMMMER. So psyched. 🙂 My skin is actually a lot drier in the winter then the summer, but then again I don’t go swimming in the ocean or the pool a lot. It’s so chilly here in Maryland, so I am definitely ready for some warmer weather.

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