It’s a Posh Life: Social Life 101

Hellooooo, Saturday! And hello to you, my fellow fashionistas! For all of us social climbers, today is the day to celebrate, well, being fabulous. What does that mean? Going to parties and social gatherings. How else is a diva supposed to spend her weekend? So, before you head out to grace others with your presence, here are a few things to remember that will have others begging for you to come back!




  1. Get that Greeting!
  • As SOON as you arrive, find the host and say hello! Tell them how great the decorations are, how fabulous they look, and how excited you are to be there. Everyone wants to know that they are doing a great job, and your compliments will certainly leave an impression. 


    2.  Respect, Respect, Respect!

  • If you are going to someone’s home, behave in a way that you would want a guest at your house to act. That means use coasters, try not to spill anything, and for goodness sake keep your feet off of the furniture!


   3.   Don’t Dive In!

  • When at a seated dinner, wait for the host to take the first bite. Beginning your meal while they are still serving is just downright rude! Plus, you never want to be the very first person done eating. Aim for a middle finish. 


   4.  Look Luscious!

authentic handbags

Miu Miu Cavallino Clutch

  • Social events are all about be charming and looking fantastic. Your wit is natural, but you weren’t born with a great outfit, so that takes a little more effort. Wear something that will make you memorable. Neil Lane diamond earrings will catch the eye, a family heirloom necklace will make a great conversation piece, and an authentic designer clutch will certainly win you a few friends. The Miu Miu Cavallino Clutch in leopard is sure to do the trick!


   5.   Help and Hit the Road!

  • Always offer to help the host. We all know that they will decline, but it’s the thought that counts. Then, know the right time to leave. Don’t leave too early, but certainly never stay too long. There is a comfortable middle ground between the two, you just have to find it. So, on your way out, tell the host how great the party was and say, “Hasta luego!” 

Are you needing a great authentic handbag for your next social event? Check out our huge selection at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills! 



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