Holy Handbag, We Need Help!


handbags2 Picture it. You just got home from a glorious day of shopping and getting killer deals. You go to place your favorite designer handbag back into its dust cover and then you see it…please no….it couldn’t be…oh but it is….a blemish on your designer purse that cost more than the down payment on your car! We’ve all been there, and yes, we have all wanted to take Xanax when it happened. So, to help you out a little bit for when those moments of hopelessness occur, I have compiled a list of tricks for you to try so you can get that Gucci looking gorgeous again! 


  • Stay away from alcohol! It’s true, alcohol doesn’t solve all of your problems (rubbing alcohol included), especially ink on designer handbags. So, unless it’s a Friday night and you’re holding a martini, keep the alcohol far away from your handbag.  
  • Just erase it! No really, a No. 2 pencil eraser will remove ink and dirt from leather handbags in a cinch and will make it less noticeable. Tip: the sooner you erase it, the easier it will come off. 
  • Say yes to starches! For those awful oil stains, rub a pinch of corn starch on the spot and it will soak it up. To speed up the process, use a low wattage light bulb to create heat. It may take a few tries, but you won’t be complaining when your designer bag looks good as new! 
  • Sideline saddle soap! This type of soap is very basic with a pH that is greater than 10. This will cause it to attach to your leather finish and essentially ruin the purse. Basic bags? Ain’t nobody go time for that!  

Do you have a special trick for designer handbag woes? I would love to hear!



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