5 YSL Accessories You Need in Life

Yves Saint Laurent is all about pushing the edge and creating designer accessories for your life, and I mean your entire life. From the office desk to the poker table, they will have you looking fabulous!


ysl planner 

The YSL Brown Leather Planner is the perfect accessory for the busy woman. It includes a calendar and several pockets for storage. The best part? When you are through with the calendar, you can simply remove it and use the planner as a chic wallet!


ysl travel planner

Are you planning to travel any time soon? If so, then check out this awesome YSL Muse Travel Organizer Clutch! It has several compartments that will keep your documents safe and separated for ease of access.



ysl chyc

Wanting to dress up your office a bit? Try the YSL Chyc Wallet! The leather case is full of white sticky notes and features the classic Y detail. This posh designer accessory is sure to impress your coworkers and clients!


ysl address book

Classic chic is so hot right now and there is no better way to pull off this trendy style than with the YSL Black Leather Address Book. It exudes maturity and gives the carrier an essence of sophistication.



ysl cards


Bring designer style to the card table with these uber fabulous YSL Playing Cards. They are enclosed in a luxe leather case and have the YSL logo printed on the back for easy recognition. Go ahead and splurge a little, your friends will thank you for it.   


Can’t get enough of these fun YSL accessories? Check out an even larger selection at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills!


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