Handbag Lust! Treat Yourself.

It’s official. Friday has arrived and the weekend is now in full swing! I’m pretty sure everyone has plans on taking advantage of what little free time we can hold on to and have a little fun. Or, just taking the time to breath. Work stresses us out, pets stress us out, kids stress us out, school stresses us out.. pretty much anything that evolves time will overload us with stressful situations. Am I right? Sometimes we just want a break…. or two. Okay, all the time, BUT we know that would never happen. Use THIS WEEKEND (not next weekend, or the one after that) to give back to yourself. You know, feel the sand between your toes without the hassle of a trip to the beach. Plus, it’s a tad too chilly for that. Get yourself something nice, something irreplaceable, something fabulous, something diving, something that you’ve had your eye on for quite sometime now… and go all out. You know what? I think I have just the thing for you. Get yourself a brand-spankin’-new bag. One that just gobbles up your heart and then mends it perfectly back together again. You need a handbag that you just can’t go on without. You’ll feel like the queen that you are.




Yves Saint Laurent Lover Handbag


YSL Obi Bow Designer Handbag


YSL Mombasa Bronze Gold Limited Edition Handbag






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