How to Be Happy

Feeling good and loving yourself regardless of the situation at hand is one assured way to be happy. It’s not all about money. I promise. Be good to yourself and be good to others. Here are a few pointers to making sure your smile, stays a smile.


1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. If your kids always end not putting the food and milk up after they’re done with it, just start taking it into their room and leaving it there. Yeah, you may not have cheese for a little while, but I bet the stench creeping in their bedrooms will make them stop leaving it out for you to find. Plus, it will give you a good laugh.

2. Splurge a little. Every once in a while, treat yourself to a nice massage. Or, buy yourself that handbag you’ve been eyeing on 🙂

3. Put away the cell phone. Log off of Facebook and Twitter. Just enjoy life. You know, go outside. There is dirt and leaves out there (and that my darlings is the legend of our childhood).

4. HAVE A DRINK! Yes, it’s okay.

5. Every blue moon, you should grab a few gal friends and take a trip downtown. Put on the little cocktail dress you’ve been dying to wear, the stilettos you miss wearing, and the fabulous clutch you never get to use… and just have fun.

6. LOVE YOURSELF! Love yourself through thick and thin, through storms, through breakups, through family problems, in traffic, during grocery trips, at home, at work… just love yourself. It will take a tremendous amount of stress off of you.

Here we are at lucky number 7.

7. Occasionally, one must get down with their bad self!


Queen Bee 


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