Luxury: Oh, How I Love Thee

Luxury. Just hearing the word can put a smile on your lips and butterflies in your stomach. To each person, the meaning is different, but usually it all boils down to one similar attribute – it’s expensive. Now, we all know a little price tag will not keep us away from the things we love, but unless you are Bill Gates, you have to pick and choose when and what to buy. To give you a little help, here is a list of things you should always choose fabulous over frugal when buying.

It’s a special occasion – When something great happens in your life, go a little crazy! If you get an awesome promotion at work, you deserve that diamond bracelet you’ve been eying through the jewelry store window! So, go ahead and treat yourself to a little celebration gift, it will help you remember exciting things later on down the road.

It’s far away – Name one vacation you regret. Can’t think of one? That’s what I thought. Seeing new and exciting places create memories that will last you a lifetime, so go ahead and splurge a little. You won’t remember the price later, but you will definitely remember the way the Parthenon looked in the sunset.


christian dior liberine handbag

Dior Libertine Handbag in Black

It’s a keeper – Things like artwork, porcelain, an Antebellum home, and designer handbags are an investment, so it only makes sense to get the best of the best. In fact, my favorite purchase to date was a Christian Dior Libertine bag. Every time I unwrap it from the dust cover, I still get the same girlish grin on my face like it was the first time I laid eyes on it.


So, ladies, never be afraid to go big when buying luxury. Just be smart with your purchases and you will always be satisfied with your decision!





What was your favorite luxurious purchase? I would love to hear!





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