When to Carry a Clutch

Clutches are fabulous to carry on numerous occasions such as parties, fancy dinners, and almost anything that requires sequins and stilettos. It’s definitely not a “carry everyday” type thing. For one apparent reason, it couldn’t possibly hold all of our stuff (and you know, as a woman, we have a lot of stuff)! So the big question is: How should you know when to carry a clutch versus carrying a traditional handbag? Queen Bee has the answer!


Pull the clutch out of the back of your closet if….

  1. … you’re heels are so tall that you question your gravitational stability.

  2. … you plan on dancing the night away. Why do I say this? Well, because it is extremely difficult to dance with a handbag full of your everyday life hanging on your shoulder (I know this from personal experience ladies).

  3. … you are going on a pricey date and you plan on your significant other to paying for it. Hey, you can’t fit a bulky wallet in a clutch, it’s just not happening!

  4. … you’re going to a holiday party. New Years is coming up, and you know what that means. PARTY TIME! Carry the clutch!

  5. … you’re outfit contains any of the following pieces: leather, sequins, silk, glitter, studs, or fur.

You now have valid insight on when to carry that clutch and when to save it for another day!Image


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