Queen Bee of Beverly Hills, LLC, offers authentic designer, luxury handbags and accessories at great discounts. Designers such as Gucci, YSL, Fendi and Christian Dior are brought to you for a convenient luxury shopping experience.
Originally, Queen Bee of Beverly Hills was a brick and mortar “wholesale showroom” located in Beverly Hills, CA on Beverly Drive. Personal stylists, celebrity shoppers, boutique owners, trunk show hosts and international resellers, would visit our wholesale-only showroom to select from the latest collections of European branded designer handbags and accessories imported directly from Italy. Gucci, YSL, Prada, Balenciaga and Dior were always on hand, as well as some exclusives from Hermes and Chanel. Our focus is on the limited edition, hard to find and exclusive pieces from only the finest labels from Europe. In 2007, due to a significant increase in our business being derived from the internet, we closed our Beverly Hills location, and focused on expanding in the internet market. While our celebrity and personal stylist clients, and many others from that area, still buy from us, the internet has enabled us to service a vast array of Ebay sellers, boutique owners and others that did not have access to our Beverly Hills showroom. We now sell to the individual consumer as well as many wholesale customers around the globe, who purchase volume for resale.


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