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The YSL Obi Bow Handbag is a one of a kind bag. The word Obi (帯) is Japanese and it comes from a traditional Japanese Kimono outfit. Obi means sash, a part of the Kimono that holds the dress together. The decorative elegant obi completes the beautiful traditional outfit. You can also see the obi as a ruffle, which is one of the key fashion must have look for this fall/winter collection. This YSL Obi Bow Handbag is a fashionable take on the traditional Japanese Kimono.

The YSL Obi Bag is handmade from gorgeous grey patent leather with silver-tone hardware. The more you look at the bag, the more you notice the attention to detail that YSL puts into every designer piece they created. It’s no wonder so many celebrities carry favorite handbags from the designer house including Dita Von Teese, Jessica Biel and many more!

Find more discounted authentic YSL collections at Queen Bee of Beverly Hills.


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